May 8, 2006 pitaserp

6th grade graduation is a time of the year that we really look forward to. A time where u can hopefully be yourself and enjoy the last of being a 6th grader. The girls get to dress up in dresses and hope that a guy will ask them to dance. The guys i hope wont wear dresses, but probably fancier clothes and i dont know what guys think. I dont know about any other peopke , but i am really looking forward to graduation. This year i didnt feel like i fitted in well i know i said before not care i meant it, but i never did i never feelt special or was not invited to the park or anything else. I never at any point of the year feelt that anyone cared except my friends abby, helen and of course marisa. I really love them and they help me through a lot. Some other people i had big problems with and that is why i do not mension them. So all those people out there that are not invited to things or do not feel special relie on your best friends to help catch u and if not a friend a stuffed animal you can cry with them tell them every thing and they wont say anything. So then u feel special in your own way.


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  • 1. marisasesto&hellip  | 

    peopke, peopke, peopke, ya i think everybody hopes that the guys don’t were dresses! that would be hilarious, lets hope josh doesn’t do the same thing he did for halloween!!! that was a one time situation! the year has gone by so fast the the very end of it (now) is going soooooooo slowly!!!

  • 2. danielcomstock&hellip  | 

    wow very thoughful blog pascale y have u felt left out though

  • 3. pitaserp&hellip  | 

    o just sometimes

  • 4. Glynis&hellip  | 

    i’m sry u feel left out, maybe u should talk to the pple u think r leaving u out.i hope u have a great graduation! ttyl!lol

  • 5. marisasesto&hellip  | 

    GLYNIS!!!!!! I DIDN’T KNOW U WENT ON THESE BLOGS! u have to check out the others!

  • 6. Lijah&hellip  | 

    I didn’t think u (glynis)went on theese blobs either!

  • 7. jnowak&hellip  | 

    arn’t they blogs?

  • 8. Helen&hellip  | 

    I am scared no ones going to ask me to dance with them!

  • 9. anthonymontoya&hellip  | 

    LOL to Helen. Asking girls to the dance seems pretty stupid to me unless you are pre accquainted. Keep going to the park though and you will get someone to ask you.

  • 10. danilecomstock&hellip  | 

    hey it is so werid the promotion is this thursday really kewl i cant wait but my speech is pretty cheesy

  • 11. danilecomstock&hellip  | 

    tommorrow i really want promotion to comeit is goin to be awsesome

  • 12. jnowak&hellip  | 

    It wasn’t that great. No one danced with anyone.

  • 13. marisa&hellip  | 

    i can’t believe its over, doesn’t seem like it does it…

  • 14. josie&hellip  | 

    Hey all you guys out there who read these blogs you should have asked girls to dance.If you liked someone you should have asked them to dance, because the girl probably would have said yes if they liked you back or didn’t think of you as repulsive. Also we wouldn’t have had to watch the kidergarten teachers, Mrs. bockhold and Ms. Smacairz dancing. I also think it is really funny how much drama we had in sixth grade. Oh god. Sixth Grade was so much fun. isn’t it just dandy how everyone still hangs out with every one in junior high. Omg yes!

  • 15. smkntbqz&hellip  | 



  • 16. Airrha&hellip  | 

    well we all have taht experience and girls like us will totally look forward for guys to ask us to dance and yah hopefully guys wouldnt wear dress right??:) and like u i look forward to the end of the year and thise year this memories i will always cherish indeed!

  • 17. kshyucfdhu&hellip  | 

    hrgte ujrtr dhfbr uvdfbgrb dyubf ryhf hf fhfdr f h fr………


  • 18. sarah&hellip  | 

    Well I’m really looking forward to my sixth grade grad I really hope that somone asks me to dance with them!

  • 19. didi&hellip  | 

    i know grd isint as big as high school but it still means something

  • 20. amanda&hellip  | 

    that was a good poem i cept reading over and over

  • 21. Abby&hellip  | 

    OMG! I know who will ask me but I hate him and I have a problem with turning people down!

  • 22. Elise&hellip  | 

    i no hoo wants to ask me to the grad but he i sembarrassed and i like hime wot should i do?

  • 23. cc&hellip  | 

    i cant wait till my grad but im scared to find the right dress because my grandmother is gonan be there my mom and my lil sis i think so to :O they will alll have different opions about it and i wont get to put mine in . my mom will probably like the same one as me (maybe we have about the same stuff we like) but she like nice basics colours grey a nice beige black white dark brown and a light red for colour but i like all the neon colours and fun colours like purple blue black yellow orange hot pink lime green banana yellow and i was thinking of a super cute dress in my mind but i dont know if my mom would like it ?

  • 24. Me&hellip  | 

    Omg . I can;t wait for my Gr. 6 Grad !! Its gunna be awesome cuz I hate my teacher so she can go suck a dick . 😡 Lol . But I REALLY BADLY NEED A DRESS AND I THOUGHT THIS SITE COULD HELP BUT YOUU PPL ARE ALL FAGS SO YOUU CAN ALL JUST EFF OFF !

  • 25. Ariana&hellip  | 

    im looking for a graduation dress but i do not want it to be 8 inches above my knee if u can give me any info then that would be great.

  • 26. Trevor&hellip  | 


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