A place is is said to be for friends to talk and i love it! I can be creative and make your own layout and be myself on the site. I know a lot of peolple disagree with it well sorry but screw them. They can think what they want to think, but i love myspace i have a bunch of new friends and it is just fun! People think i do it to act cooler or older well i am older and i dont do it so i can be cooler i do it because it is fun! So if people have a problem with it that is just to bad. I mean someday u will probably have one so why make fun of me for having one just a little bit earlier thanĀ  planned. So just know people out there that i am getting older and wheather u like or not u are to! FACE IT!!!! And well……BE MORE MAJOR!!!


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whose line is it anyway?

The best funniest show ever. You might think other shows are funny but these guys are making stuff up of the top of there heads! They are amazing! I love colin ryan wayne they are great. WELL this show is on at 10 and goes for a 30 minute time, but i always look forward to watching it because no matter hoew depressed i am i turn on the tv and laugh until all that depression is out and is now turnes in to laughter! Wayne is the best with singing and making hilarious songs on the spot. Colin is bold and they make fun of him a lot he is just the funniest ever! Ryan always wears weird shoes and they make fun of him because he has a big nose. They are all funny and take my word watch it and i swear it will make u laugh. Anywhere  as long as u have a tv that goes to channel 52 watch at 10 whose lneis it anyway and laugh! I am telling the truth this show ROCKS!!!!

42 comments June 15, 2006 pitaserp

damn it!

Sometimes people make u feel bad just for there own pleasure. Like u have no feelings or just a thing standing in front of them trying to defend your self. Well a lot of people can feel that way and sometimes i do.Like no one cares or is just to smart to care. Some people at our school make me mad because they are so smart and perfect and looked upon all the time and i can certainly say i am not one of them and yes i am very jealous of them. I mean they look perfect to me dress perfect and talk perfectly like they always know what to say at any time. And most of the time always get a's and b's on tests.Yep i can tell u for sure i am not one of them, but i wopuldnt really be myself. I am not the smartest and i certainly dont have perfect clothes and have everyone notice u! Yes there are people at our school like that and i wouldnt be so mad at them, but they are also me to me and just walk away from me like i have any feelings. i certainly know who i am talking about and i wont name them because i am nice that way to tell u the truth. So if u fit those dicriptions  know who u are learn a little R -E-S-P-E-C-T AND YES I CAN SPELL!

22 comments May 24, 2006 pitaserp


6th grade graduation is a time of the year that we really look forward to. A time where u can hopefully be yourself and enjoy the last of being a 6th grader. The girls get to dress up in dresses and hope that a guy will ask them to dance. The guys i hope wont wear dresses, but probably fancier clothes and i dont know what guys think. I dont know about any other peopke , but i am really looking forward to graduation. This year i didnt feel like i fitted in well i know i said before not care i meant it, but i never did i never feelt special or was not invited to the park or anything else. I never at any point of the year feelt that anyone cared except my friends abby, helen and of course marisa. I really love them and they help me through a lot. Some other people i had big problems with and that is why i do not mension them. So all those people out there that are not invited to things or do not feel special relie on your best friends to help catch u and if not a friend a stuffed animal you can cry with them tell them every thing and they wont say anything. So then u feel special in your own way.

26 comments May 8, 2006 pitaserp

bad dreams

I know a lot of people that have bad dreams one of those people is me. It can be really weird how that day was so happy and your dream symbolized a totally different story. Of killings being kidnapped by jack black having little devil people invade your home, having a giant cat attack your school, Being stuck in a dream world and can not get back to reality, losing your parents or having sheep with lasers attack u. Don't u ever wonder where they come from? I do i really wish i could answer that question, but i guess i really will never know. Sometimes u can wake up and still think u are in the dream well u are half way asleep and what happens then is sleep walking. I used to do that, but know i am back to talking in my sleep or havingconversations. Dreams can symbolize weird things, but they always come u can kind of depend on for a new adventure whether if it wakes u screaming or it leaves u with a big grin in your sleep. They are there and when u least expect it they come. So tonight when u lay on your pillow think of a dream that might await u and then close your eyes and take the journey to dreamworld and do not forget the way out of dream world by opening your eyes.

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Sometimes in life u can feel like no one cares or loves u. No one even knows u are standing right beside them. Well everyone once in a while feels like they are in invisible. The feeling is hard to contain when u have no one to talk too. The reason i write about this is well a lot of times i can feel invisible myself. Like no matter how hard u try to talk to someone they dont hear u they listen, but do not really hear u like u are a mirror reflection, but not the real person. You really can not overcome the feeling of invisibility until the person really sees u and understands the meaning of what u are saying and can laugh with them and do not pretend to, To cry with and to be happy with and if u find that person weather being a best friend or a lover  when u find that person hold on to them and never let go.

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6th grade movie night

Almost every month the 6th graders get to together and do a movie night. I made it up because it is the last year all the 6th graders are together. It is a optional thing and a lot of people dont go which is fine i dont care. The only thing is people yell at me for not picking a good movie or why that night or u are so stupid for doing that. I do not understand these people they should beglad i even thought of it! It is hard to find a appropreate fun movie. So i am sorry to those people that do not appreciate that i even take the time to arrange it. People at our school can be harsh, but for the people that do appreciate it well that is why i am doing it.

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the war

the war in Iraq is a big subject and most of us kids don’t really care about , but i do. I see that the war is tearing america apart with the killings kidnapping and the price of the weapons used in iraq. You may not know this, but over 200 billion dollors is being used for the war in iraq for just one year! Think of the things it could be used for the children in africa they would use it for just clean water and food, but instead we are using all that 200 billion dollors to kill people and cause more pain to us americans. A lot of people ask me are u a democrat or a republican i say with convidence i am neither i am anti bush. I may be a little girl that no adult would really listen to, but us kids know that sometimes kids are smarter then grownups and when it comes to bush we are all smarter than him! Why fight for what reason. You might say freedom, but we were more free before the war know we have to listen to more people dying and more money being used instead of things getting better. So as u can see the war is crap and the 2nd stupidest thing america could do. The first was picking bush as our president. If there was no bush there would be no war!

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Me myself do not want to date till i am in at least 7th grade because i am not ready for it to tell u the truth. If i dated someone at the school i would be the center of attention and i don't want that! My friend marisa as u kno the one i was mad at , but not anymore got asked out by a boy i will keep unnamed. Everything went wrong! He asked marisa on im and it wasnt marisa it was someone that got her password and went on her screenname that retarded person i dont know, but why! That is there screen name! So know the whole 6th grade knows! So i am sorry to those two people for that happening , but it will go away and suddenly it is like it never happened. Life flies and suddenly something that was the center of attention is a blur in the past. So i guess u can say to charish every moment of life good or bad because that exact thing will never happen again.

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Friends are great they are always supposed to have ur back and stay with u, but in my case my friend who i will keep unnamed is avoiding me just for popularity! I say that this friend was or is still my best friend. I really think she should be who she really is and not be part of a group! She is great and she is turning into well lets just say anouther person. Like i said friends need to have ur back and should be able to stand up for u, but friends can also hurt u and that stays in ur heart for a long time. So when friends hurt u know u are not alone.

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